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Mac & Cheese Night

Yo, sis, I think this will interest you :3 For the rest of you folks- this is a old story of mine. I figured I'd repost it while I had the chance.

Title: Mac and Cheese
Rating: R
Warning: Blood, murder and mac & cheese
Summary: She hopes she can at least get back in time for mac and cheese.

The tang of blood slathered the back of her throat as she shouldered the silver bat, tangled black hair curling around her features as she eyed the parking lot warily.

The lights were flickering dully as the power surged somewhere above her. She using her free hand to push a strand or two out of her face. Cassandra licked her lips idly frowning at the blood seemingly hanging in the air around her. The taste making her wrinkle her nose idly.

The young woman resisted spitting out the taste as she wiped at her mouth with her sleeve. Careful to keep her hands from getting dirty. Idly pushing at the body with a foot, loafers poking at once was her classmate. The blonde long hair which was once perfect and unmatted now was tangled as Cassandra's own, blood caked onto the thick strands blonde strands along with what use to be a brain. Mushy and startlingly pink against the dark pavement below.

Not that Kimmy ever used it to begin with, she had always been the perfect princess, prom queen, dainty and popular. The thoughts earned a sneer from the Asian girl, she giving the girl's limp form a solid kick. The body rolling with the force giving a sickening slosh as the small body laid on its side. Kimmy's expression blank as it ever was.

Her frozen features pressed into the cold concrete of the school's parking area. Unseeing eyes left open, the green colored eyes reflecting the glitter of Cassandra's bat as she walked away, vanishing into the darkness. Overhead lights illuminating the bat making speckles of silver and red sparkle off cars she passed.

Cassandra let a hand run through her hair again, sighing lowly. She having to vaguely wonder how long it'd take for them to come for her. Hopefully not before she ate.

It was Mac and Cheese night after all.

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