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Fanfic 100 - Middles

Title: Once upon a tacky chapel in Las Vegas.
Summary: Sometimes, you just have to go by the moment.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warning: Clint being a smartass, mentions of battling giant worms and based on a mix up of movie verse and an AU a friend and I are rping in.

They had planned on having a relatively decent sized ceremony, fancy tuxes, well written personal vows and most of the fixings that went with a marriage ceremony.

The only thing that really dragged the idea down was the fact they both had very busy lives. Tony ran a company, built tech and saved the world. While Steve mostly just saved the world or helped little old ladies across the street on a regular basis. (Something Tony still boggled over when he really thought about it. Steve Rogers, all american hero- of course he'd help old ladies across the street.)

Its also not helped by the fact Tony and Steve can never pin down what they wanted. Tony wants a giant bombastic ceremony with everything humanly possible available. While Steve prefers something much smaller and more intimate, friends and family only falls from his lips more often than naught when its brought up. Followed closely by Tony giving him a pinched frown and the two hashing out details on what the wedding should be like.

They never did pick out a date or place. Tony figured they'd get to it eventually, he was more distracted in getting Steve to 'officially' move in with him. Instead of live in the carrier with Natasha and Clint. That had been an interesting endeavor since Fury wasn't particularly fond of Steve wandering out too far. Engaged to Tony Stark or not. Fury didn't trust Tony far as he could throw him, he always made that abundantly clear.

Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months. Wedding plans pushed further and further back. Plans for tux fittings, for decorations, guest lists- all became secondary to Avengers.

Finding themselves in Nevada after a two day battle, covered in dirt, grime and slime made Tony pause. Realization that they had been engaged for something edging towards two years hitting him as he watched his team mates get slime off of each other mutually complaining about the giant queen sandworm they had all fought off. Hank picking bits of worm out of Jan's hair as the woman wrinkled her nose unhappily at it.

He let his face plate fold up as he regarded his fellow Avengers for another moment longer. Striding towards Steve with purpose and saying. "Lets get married tonight,"


He gave a nod as Steve blinked again clearly at a loss for a moment. Giving a slow nod, but offering up his agreement in turn. "Yes, lets."

It didn't take long for them to drive to Vegas. The group of super heros finding an appropriately tacky chapel to get it done at in the spirit of Las Vegas. Sure they got a few odd looks while making their way there, but in Vegas this was pretty routine. Even with the added bonus of slime and dirt coating their costumes, they looked pretty normal here. Even in the turquoise chapel with its beaded windows and promise of free flowers for the couple.

The Priest just confusedly blinking at the sight but rolled with it since it wasn't the weirdest thing he ever saw. Even with the other Avengers as witnesses. Jan, Hank, Carol, Rhodey, Clint and Jessica all gathered together in the surprisingly empty chapel.

"Ironman, do you take- Captain America as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do," Tony didn't have speck of hesitation in saying it. His grin equally as goofy as Steve's own. He squeezing the larger man's hand in his own.

He couldn't feel the weight or warmth of Steve's hand, not that it dampened the mood any. Even with the pink neon lights in the window and leopard print walls gaudily shining back at them.

Priest wasn't sure entirely how to address them but went with their costumes. "Do you, Captain America take Ironman as your lawfully wedded husband?"

Steve had zero hesitation, clutching at the smaller man's hand in turn. "I do,"

"I now pronounce you, husband and husband," He closed the book in his hands, "You may kiss the groom,"

Tony was on Steve almost immediately, yanking him down into a kiss that earned playful whistles from Jan and Hank. Rhodey shaking his head as Jessica quietly laughed into her hand as Steve went a startling shade of pink as he kissed back. Clint stuck to feigning disinterest, failing at it due to the smile was curling across his lips.

"C'mon you two- you're making this place even less classier!" He called back out at them, it earning a laugh from the two as they broke apart. Steve bright pink as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Lets go celebrate!" Jan called out excitedly back bouncing on her heels excitedly as she clapped her hands together.

"Somewhere that isn't in Vegas," Steve intoned softly as he turned more pink at Tony's hand resting against his arm. The new title apparently making Tony a little handiser for the moment. He grinning up at the super solider with amusement clear enough on his features. "You'll never be a party boy, will you?"

"One party boy is enough," Clint cut in helpfully back.

"You're just making my sides hurt with all the laughing I'm doing," Tony dryly answered back as he let his face plate move back into place. "Lets get out of here."

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