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Mika and Eddie experimenting with desserts.

"Okay, so skittles, peanuts, gummi worms-" Eddie listed off as he glanced over at Mika. "What else are we missin'?"

"M&M's, gummy sharks," The warou woman answered easily back as she leaned forward on the counter. Her gaze locked firmly onto the sundae bowl in front of her. The bowl twice the size of a normal one, piled high with various flavors of ice cream. Eddie and Mika piling toppings onto the ice cream scoops. "Pecans, rock candy, pop rocks, "

"Do we have pecans?"

"We had better," Mika stated simply back, not pulling her gaze away from the bowl. Eddie could guess her tail wagging a mile a minute if the low woosh was anything to go by. Eddie could only snort a little, "Go actually look through the pantry if you really want pecans,"

The wolf whined a little, never breaking gaze with the bowl as she slowly started to sink downwards.

"The ice cream ain't goin' anywhere,"

"I'm not leaving," She rested her chin atop the counter, pouting now as she finally glanced over at the roadie.

Eddie chuckled, adding another scoop onto the giant ice cream pile. "Shoo, get those fuckin' pecans,"

"Fiiiine," She whined back, rolling back up onto her feet to stalk to the pantry.


Sasha and Eddie experimenting with desserts. (I am asking for sexy blurb, if this is not clear.)

"Is this much chocolate syrup really necessary?"

"Baby," Eddie leveled his husband a look as he patted the back of the chocolate syrup bottle. More chocolate being poured over the smaller man's body. "Askin' that question is- depressin', of course we need this much,"

The German man rolled his eyes, "It's a logical question,"

"Logical, right," He blew a sigh out as he capped the bottle again, setting it aside. "Trust me, s'gonna be sexy,"

"And messy," The German man supplemented as he stretched out further on the bed. Sasha reached upwards to coax his long fingers across the back of his partner's neck. Mindlessly tracing his fingers along old scars hidden under Eddie's collar.

"We got the plastic sheet, we're good," Eddie rumbled lowly back as he moved to lightly bring their cocks together. He dropping a hand down to rub the two members together. Slowly jerking the both of them off as he smirked down at his boyfriend.

The German man gave a low moan at that, arching his hips upwards at the attention. He tangling his fingers in Eddie's hair as he moved to curl a leg around the roadie's waist, or try to.

"Hold your horses," He lowly rumbled back, he pulling back to sit on his haunches as he smirked at Sasha. "I wanna give you some attention," The roadie had to laugh a little when he saw the state of the mess they were both in. "Look at this, you made a mess already,"

"I guess I'll have to clean up now won't I?" The green skinned man lowly laughed back. Half liddedly looking back up at his husband as he let his hand drop down to jerk himself off as he watched Eddie.

"You bet your ass you will," Eddie rumbled lowly back as he dipped down to start licking across Sasha's hips. The roadie took his time in working his way upwards across his husband's body, taking care in lingering on places he knew drove the smaller man nuts. Needlessly to say, by the time the roadie reached his husband's lips, Sasha was squirming under him.

"You're terrible," Sasha moaned, pressing himself tightly against Eddie to grind against the larger man.

"M'glad you noticed, I do try," Eddie flashed Sasha a playful grin before stealing a kiss, he unable to escape from it as Sasha roughly pulled him back in for a much more heated one. Eddie knew in that moment, they were going to be using these plastic sheets considerably more after this.