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Fanfic post 1

Title: Plane Ride
Fandom(s): Psychonauts/Brutal Legend
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, crossover pairing, planes, cuteness.
Summary: Eddie and Sasha enjoy a plane ride to their honeymoon. Silliness ensues.

“Fuck,” Was Eddie’s response, grimacing unhappily where he sat as he tried to squeeze more comfortably into his seat.

“It isn’t that bad,” Sasha surmised, not looking up from the battered paperback in hand as he let his fingers brush across its smooth overly decorated cover. Sasha had quietly bemoaned the fact they had no normal covers for the paperback on their way up the ramp into the plane.

“Is so,”

“Mhmm,” That response warranted a side glance from the giant of a man. Eddie not fond of that being Sasha’s response to the roadie’s displeasure about being cramped on a plane.

“C’mon, my concerns are justified,”

“The seats are big enough,”

“Fuckin’ barely,”

Sasha finally cut his gaze back at the giant man. “If you were less of a beast-“

“Then you wouldn’t have married me,”

Eddie had Sasha there; it showed on the brief flicker of his expression. “I married you for many reasons,”

“Mostly my body,” Eddie just barely resisted the urge to flex as he watched Sasha place the book down in his lap. Peering over his sunglasses, a tinge of amusement obvious.

“That is a contributor,”

“Major or minor?”

“I am not answering that,” He let his fingers trace over the letters settled on the cover, silver eyes watching Eddie now.

“Course not,” The larger man leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against Sasha’s own. “Cause you’re a cheat,”

Sasha kissed back, reaching over to press his palm against Eddie’s knee. Long green colored fingers stroking at the ratty fabric of the larger man’s jeans. “Mhmm,”

The attention earned a low rumble, Eddie pressing his nose against Sasha’s own. Contentment easy enough to read off of Eddie as he leaned into the psychic.

“You’re squashing me,” Though Sasha was clearly edging closer to a smile. He finding his hand trailing upwards to run his fingers along Eddie’s chest. Eventually pulling him in for another peck.

“You usually appreciate my squashin’,” He waggled his brows back, his grin revealing his teeth.

“Shush,” Sasha gently batted at the larger man’s shoulder. Though he readily leaned against the black haired man in return. Listening to the easy sound of the heavy metal maniac’s heartbeat mixed in with the sound of other passengers bustling onto the plane.

Eddie gave a pleased sound, kissing the top of Sasha’s head, watching their fellow passengers claim their seats. The roadie glad they were in the back of the plane. The back itself turning into wall of seats, behind that was the flight attendant’s quarters- then the lavatory crammed into the furthest side.

Not perfect seats, but Eddie figured they’d be able to curl up to some extent here.

He feeling relieved by the fact so far no one had headed this far back, everyone settling farthest in the front or squashed in the middle. Eventually the cabin doors closed, everyone settling in comfortably.

He only pulled back from the smaller man when the flight attendant cast them a look, she grabbing for the plane’s built in walkie talkie. Eddie bit back a smile at the disapproving sound Sasha gave at the sudden withdrawal of contact. The larger man catching Sasha’s gaze, giving in to steal another quick kiss. The couple pulling apart to sit up and actually listen to the flight attendant’s spiel. Watching as she went through the routine of seatbelt and oxygen mask demonstration.

Eddie bit back a few choice comments he had about supplying Sasha with plenty of oxygen as he glanced back at the smaller man. Though Sasha apparently picked up on it anyway, narrowing his eyes slightly back, his lip tipping upward as he flicked Eddie on the knee.

“What? I didn’t say anythin’,” Eddie played up his innocence, biting the inside of his cheek as Sasha gave him a sterner look.

“You certainly were thinking it,”

“Cheatin’ Psychic,”

Sasha waved his hand back, relaxing into Eddie’s shoulder as the flight attendant trailed down the aisle, checking with people.


The black haired man gave a small sleepy sound as he roused from his sleep. Rubbing at his neck as he blinked sleepiness away.

A small smile curling across his features as he let his gaze travel across the green skinned man. Sasha tucked close against his new spouse, neat usually well-kept hair ruffled but not as badly as his sweater was. His book had been long forgotten by this point, cast aside onto the floor by their feet atop their cast aside jackets. Eddie figuring he was going to have to move it and the jackets soon enough because of Sasha’s tendency to kick in his sleep. He’d rather not see just where the book would land if Sasha had the inclination to flail about.

For now, the giant of a man merely closed his own eyes, giving a happy exhale, he nuzzling into the smaller man, careful not to actually wake him. He’d rather the psychic got some sleep for once. Sasha had always groused about not being able to properly sleep on planes- so Eddie figured it was time the lanky man had his chance to.

It didn’t mean he’d keep himself from getting nuzzly, a man had needs you know.


Sasha gave a muffled confused sound, as he pressed closer against the familiar warmth that was his spouse. He reluctantly opening his eyes to peer at their surroundings.

Joy, they still weren’t there yet.

He gave a small puff of air, his bangs ruffling with it. He keeping his cheek pressed tightly against the black haired man’s side. Eddie’s arm strewn across him, the roadie asleep.

After a night of separation from the giant man, it left Sasha more inclined to leaning against Eddie like this. If the wedding hadn’t gone off so well- he would’ve killed Milla and Che for talking him into not seeing the roadie before the wedding. Thinking about it just earned a faint grump from the lanky man. He pressing his smaller fingers against Eddie’s own, eventually curling their digits together for a moment.

It was plenty for Sasha, made even better when he felt the simple golden band on Eddie’s finger, he letting the bare pad of his finger. The smooth surface of the ring settled on Eddie’s ring finger comforting and joy inducing.

Almost as joy inducing as their eventually destination, even if it took far too long to get there.

Sasha nearly bit back a giddy smile as he pictured his and Eddie’s honeymoon to Disneyworld.

He already knew to most adults, a honeymoon anywhere but a ‘romantic’ beach was blasphemy. Sasha didn’t particularly care. It was his honeymoon, if he wanted to go see people dressed as giant talking whimsical animals, he’d do just that and no one could stop him.

He was after all god damn Sasha Nein. He deserved a break after having to stall out on his own wedding twice.

The thought made his lips tug into a frustrated line, they could’ve picked anyone else out for those missions but they choose him. It was just always the way. He knew about 30% of his fellow Psychonauts had thrown a shit fit both times on his behalf, he was thankful of that. It meant he finally had a chance to get married to the oaf settled next to him on the plane now. It just had taken two tries, along with wrangling Eddie into a suit.

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