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Fanfic Post 7

Title: Extreme sewing
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: G
Warning: Gender fluid character, sewing, cuteness.
Summary: Naoto finds hirself bemused by Kanji's attempts at threatening fabric into submission.

He was carefully holding a needle between his lips, squinting heatedly at a piece of fabric. His gaze slowly sweeping over it, assessing his enemy with accuracy that would make Rise proud.

Naoto was barely able to bite hir lip and contain the rare bubble of laughter that was edging to the surface. Kanji was making faces that would make most bikers in the area shit themselves in terror at a piece of fabric with flowers on it.

Naoto should've been at least moderately leery of those faces, zhe knew that. Yet.

Zhe found it endearing. Utterly so.

Especially when it was followed up by him nearly crowing in triumph as he found the perfect spot to pull the needle and thread through. He quickly picking up pace with his movements. Triumphantly muttering down at the fabric as he worked. "I showed you, knew you'd give in eventually you little bastard, you better tell all your friends m'gonna kick their asses too."

Naoto quietly just brought hir book back up, hiding hir smile behind it as Kanji worked. The detective shifting to rest their leg against Kanji's own.

There was a pause in FURIOUS sewing, as he returned the touch. The two quietly playing footsie under the table in their study.

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