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Fanfic Post 8

Title: My 1,000's day is my best day.
Fandom(s): Psychonauts/Brutal Legend
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff, slash, cuteness.
Summary: Sasha tells Eddie about his best day.

He rumbled lowly back, stretching lazily out on the bed as Sasha settled over the top of him. His knees resting on either side of Eddie's waist.

"I take it you had a good day?" Eddie smiled warmly up at his spouse, relaxing back comfortably in their bed. He hardly minding the added weight that was Sasha sitting on him like this.

"Very good,"

"On a ratin' scale of 1 to 10, how good?"

"1,0000," Sasha said with a easy smile down at the more muscular man.

"Damn, s'better than any day ever, huh?"

"No, the day I married you is 1,0001." Sasha easily surmised as he leaned forward to press a kiss against Eddie's lips. It quickly being returned as the larger man's hand moved to coax through the German man's dark green side burns.

"M'glad I rank right above today, makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside you know." He playfully tapped his chest with a fist, grinning now.

Sasha had to steal another kiss at that. "I hope I can keep making you feel that way,"

"I'd say, you always will,"

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