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Fanfic post 9

Title: Boot to thy head
Fandom(s): Brutal Legend/Psychonauts/Silent Hill
Rating: G
Warning: Friendship, cuteness, Eddie fussing over his adopted daughter.
Summary: Eddie loves you, really Heather, but- please stop hogging the couch.

"Should I just rename you hogger of couch?" He dryly questioned Heather as he watched her spread out across the couch, kicking her feet up on its arm.

"Maybe, or merely ruler of the couch," She was wearing a cocky sort of grin in response, crossing her arms behind her head.

Eddie remained unimpressed, resting a hand on his hip as he watched her flop further back. "Uh huh,"

"You know it, I conquered this couch, heard the laminations of its women and all that."

"…No more Barbarian movies for you,"

"Oh come on. I only quoted like- the least horrible line in that movie." She let her foot bob slightly on the rest, trying to lazily get her boot off without actually touching it.

"Yeah, but it could lead to pillagin', Sasha is anti-pillagin' in the house." Eddie snorted lowly back, eventually moving to take up what space she didn't on the couch.

"I'd only pillage the living room."

"And I'd get in trouble. I ain't dealin' with that today."

"You act like you don't do your own pillaging." She said with a wave of her hand, eventually getting a boot off. Working on the next one with equally ridiculous wiggling.

Eddie smirked back, a single brow going up as he spoke. "Only at night, on Sasha's fine ass,"

Heather predictably jerked away with a "Augh TMI TMI!" covering her ears with her hands. Half off the couch as Eddie smirked at her."Gross!"

"And the couch is mine!" With that he flopped to the side, taking up the couch.

"..You're horrible."

"Love you too, Spitfire."

Eddie got a boot to the head in response.

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