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Fanfic post 10

Title: Motherfucking Manners
Fandom(s): Persona 4/Brutal Legend/Psychonauts
Rating: PG
Warning: Open relationships/threeway relationship, deaf character, signing, gender fluid character.
Summary: Kanji decides to show off his manners one date night. Things go awry.

Naoto could only warily tilt hir head as Kanji grabbed his napkin, tucking it into his shirt collar as he tried to sit up straight. He nearly bumping Souji over with his abrupt motion.

"Kanji, what are you doing?"

"Nothin'! Just being- ya, you know, polite and shit." He awkwardly trying to find a place to rest his hands.

Souji side eyed his boyfriend uncertainly, signing back. "Napkins usually go on the lap and hands on the table."

Kanji was quick to follow the direction, practically ripping the napkin out of the collar of his shirt to drop on his lap. Hands pressing down tightly on the table.

"Why the sudden need for- this brand of politeness?" The detective questioned back as zer eyed the blonde teenager uncertainly.

"We're eatin' somewhere nice, why shouldn't I be polite?" He gestured at their surroundings. The restaurant they were in, middle of the road when it came to eateries. Friendly staff, decent food and a nice atmosphere. It didn't really warrant napkin on lap and stringent manners.

"Usually it is not an issue for you,"

"You sayin' I'm not polite?" Kanji said, narrowing his eyes slightly at his other significant other.

Souji gently prodded Kanji on the arm, drawing his attention as he signed. "Naoto didn't say that at all, he and I are concerned."

"Wha- why?"

"You're acting stressed,"

"I ain't-"

"Kanji," Naoto's tone warranted no further argument and silenced the bleached blonde teen for the moment. He awkwardly glance between the them before leaning forward. Practically stage whispering, "My parents are here,"

"…You're parents?" Naoto started to glance from the corner of zhir eyes before Kanji hissed, waving his hand exaggeratedly back at the two. "Ey, ey! No, stop it! Don't look!"

"I wasn't about to," Zhe dryly responded back, resting zhir hands on the table, reaching out to take Kanji's hand. "So, they're here on a date as well?"

"Y-yeah, I guess,"

After drawing Kanji's attention back towards him, Souji signed. "They're just trying to enjoy themselves, they probably haven't noticed we're here," Souji 'chimed' in helpfully, pressing a hand comfortingly against the teenager's hand as well.

"…Right, they probably haven't noticed." He replied as relaxed as both squeezed his large hand.

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