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fanfic post 3

Title: We're Each Other's Beards.
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied homophobia, repressed sexuality.
Summary: They merely did what their parents wanted them to do. Settle down, marry someone appropriate. Sadly, Yukiko and Yosuke would prefer to be with their best friends than one another.

It was all about connivence really.

Well, that was what Yukiko had been telling herself for years. Nothing but connivence and some vague form of companionship. Yosuke certainly wasn't her first choice, but- they worked well enough together.

The new manager of Junes and owner of the Amagi in- they in some respects were a power couple. He the new force in the city (still, even at thirty old housewives got catty at him) and she the old ways. They were pretty much a couple envied by most people for bringing new and old together.

The perfect, be it oddly balanced, couple.

Though, Yukiko wasn't even really attracted to Yosuke. He lacked- certain attributes she liked, to say the very least. She couldn't really choose to be picky though, not when she was growing older and her parents were expecting her to be dating or to get married to someone one of these days. Their anxious looks and inquisitive questions spoke volumes about their expectations for her.

Yosuke certainly didn't have the same pressure on his shoulders, but he at the time had been getting tired of the constant teasing from people for not having a girlfriend. It stopped being a awkward phase after you hit twenty two and still had no real girlfriend. The gossiping house wives did little to make this teasing any better. Not that he really wanted a girlfriend anyway.

He liked a different sort of attribute in a romantic partner, particularly one that rose to attention.

Even if Yosuke wouldn't even remotely admit that fact. Years, years and years later, he still got antsy about the topic, even when Yukiko brought it up in private. It always made her roll her eyes in annoyance, but she let it pass. It wasn't like she was any better about it really.

She had only ever really came down on the topic once. The two of them striking up a deal, if he felt the need, he could find a partner in the city and she could do the same. Forcing themselves into anything else wasn't fair, not after the first few awkward times.

Thinking about it just made Yukiko sigh a little, she pushing aside the bank statements and her financial books to stand up. Gracefully pushing her chair back to move through her study, glancing into the hallway. It hard to really miss the sound of Yosuke tromping his way through the inn. Seems he got back from his trip into the city. Junes mandated of course.

"Welcome back,"

"Thanks," Was his cheery response, it warranting an upward curve of the woman's lips as she heard him start whistling.

It wasn't hard to guess what happened, he had been in the neighboring city for a week after all. Only three of those days were really business ones.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," She said with an amused hum of her own as she lightly rested a hand against the door frame of her study, watching as Yosuke popped out of the living room with a wide grin.

"Hard not to when I'm doing so much business!" His grin spoke there had been much more than just business going on.

It made Yukiko glad, with how stressed Yosuke got, he needed the break. She'd get her own in a month or two when all Inn owners gathered together for the annual get together. It lasted two weeks. Plenty of time for her to find someone who looked like Chie in a seedy club.


The feeling of Yukiko's cool hand pressed against his forehead made Yosuke give a low tired sound. He opening his eyes to squint at his wife. The elegant woman pursing her lips in a frown back at him as long fingers coaxed across the hot surface of his forehead.

"You're sick," Her tone was more accusing over anything else. Grey eyes concerned as they were displeased.

"Lot of flus going round at Junes," He managed back, closing a single eye and grimacing as her slim fingers trailed across his cheek.

"Mhmm." She sounded doubtful about that excuse, "Not from your trip to the city?"

"Yukiko, I'm not stupid," He said with a tight frown back, obviously stung.

"Sometimes that's debatable," She snapped back, her touch still gentle even if her words were biting. "Someone saw you with your boyfriend,"

"W-what?" He stuttered back, eyes widening as he moved to sit up, Yukiko pushing him back with a frown. "Someone from Inaba?"

"Yes, Kou. He came by the inn earlier to warn me about it. He was in the city running an errand for his sister. He saw you two holding hands."

His fingers clenched into a fist, expression tightening as he found himself pressed back further into the futon. Even more color starting to drain from his features as he stared up at the woman. "He-"

"I talked to him about it. He wasn't entirely convinced, but he isn't going to pursue the topic."

"You- sure?"

"Not entirely, but- he believes me. For now at least." She reached up to tuck a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. "It helped that I admitted we were trying for a child." Which was something they were being awkwardly pushed towards. Neither were exactly excited about it.

Yosuke grimaced, coaxing his hand through his hair. Uncomfortably twisting on the futon as Yukiko cast her gaze back down at him. "Just- be more careful next time. That was our whole agreement in the first place."

"I know." He sighed back, his eyes closing for the moment as he grabbed at the pillow on their futon, covering his face with it.

Yukiko gave an exasperated sound, lightly tapping his chest with her hand. "Since you've been chided fully- get some rest. I can already tell you're going to just get worse."

"Am not,"

"Are too," She jabbed him in the chest, arching a thin brow back at him.

He swatted her away sulkily. Trying to turn over to get away from her prying hands. They were married and all, but he didn't have to like it. "Yukiko, c'mon. Not so rough, I'm delicate."

She gave a exasperated sound at that, moving to press a kiss against his forehead. "I think you mean impossible."