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Fanfic post 5

Title: Hiccup's musings and madness.
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Manry sewing, dragons and silliness.
Summary: Hiccup dwells on the changes to Berk over the years.

His breath came out in a small burst of warmth, forming a cloud as it hit the air, even in doors, it was freezing. Hiccup could only grimace as he pulled his fur lined coat closer. Somehow even with spending his whole life on Berk- he was still never going to enjoy the cold. He was not a cold person, not by any means. Sure, he wasn't an intense heat sort of person either, but it didn't mean he enjoyed falling flat on his face into snow all the time.

It almost made him miss the few months where grass was visible. It was such a welcomed rarity.

For now, all he could do was ignore the dull ache traveling up his leg as he made his way back to the giant bed he and Astrid shared. A sleeping dragon settled on the pillows, Toothless comfortably enjoying the fact the bed lined was with fresh furs, pelts and quilts Hiccup made himself.

With Astrid taking up spot as a chief of the village, tackling every task of balancing bartering, battles, leading hunts on and off dragons- and more Hiccup barely remembered his father ever doing. It lead to the would be dragon tamer of Berk to attempt to pick up other skills he could do to help keep both of their lives easier home front wise. He usually was one to devote a year or so to learning the skill and mastering it best he could. Sewing had been one of the first thanks to his father getting very tired, very quickly of him bringing by Astrid and his clothing to mend. As if asking Stoick of all people wasn't awkward enough to begin with.

Needlessly to say, it lead to a awkward session or two with Stoick The Vast and his lanky son mending clothing together. Hiccup pricking his fingers more than the cloth or hide he was working on. It lead to the brunette quickly bouncing from household to household for advice on sewing. Both men and women alike giving him various tips and tricks. How to knot a knot, what kind of thread to use, what would and wouldn't go through certain pelts or fabrics. It had all paid off exceedingly well, Hiccup could now pretty much mend or sew anything if the mood struck him. His work on dragon saddles, leashes and harnesses increasing tenfold since he didn't have to guess wildly or look at Gobber pleadingly for the stitch work portions.

Astrid in contrast only had passing knowledge of how to sew, always knotting up her thread and grumbling when she had to start over again. Hiccup gladly always offered to help, Astrid begrudgingly, at best, accepting since her sense of perfectionism wanted her to at least finish her handiwork. Her displeasure always sidetracked by the fact Hiccup could sew, much, much better than she could. It left most dark heavy winter evenings- Hiccup gladly took it over mending her clothing to let her go back to cleaning up the kill she brought back. He occasionally reaching over to either bat Toothless away or steal a few loose teeth. Hiccup had a million plans rolling through his head, he could possibly use those teeth for something!

The thought just made him glance back over at the 'Junk drawer' as he settled down onto the bed. Hiccup getting comfortable as he let his gaze roam over the overly stuffed drawer and the contents spilling out of it. By this point Astrid had started to correct him, interjecting it was now the Junk Corner.

Hiccup could only lament the fact he didn't have more room as he did his best to get comfortable on the bed. Careful not to jar Toothless awake as he rested his head on a pillow, angling himself so his legs hung off the bed. He wasn't sure just how Astrid would come back like, so he'd need to leave his leg on. Sure he could walk around with without his metal attachment, but it didn't mean he wanted to do that now. Not when it was likely he'd have to 'help' carry a large dead thing further inside. Usually the Nadder or Toothless did a better job at helping Astrid than he did. He could't help it that he was gangly! It was just how Odin deemed him to be.

Well, that was his excuse anyway. After so many years of struggling to build muscle and gain weight- Hiccup had given up, he was just not made to be like the other Vikings. Sure he had- a few muscles, but they weren't exactly made for crushing the heads of your enemies with your biceps like everyone else's was.

Winter itself was always the harshest, longest season in Berk. It usually left Hiccup with little time to go outside with Toothless. The few times they attempted that leaving them both returning home more or less living icicles.