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Fanfic Post 6

Title: Rest
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: PG
Summary: Yosuke can't help but enjoy this quiet moment with Chie. Even if she'll kick his ass for it later.

Her breath was soft against his neck, fingers dug into the fabric of his school uniform as she slept.

Some part of Yosuke wondered how Chie- lover of all things Kung-fu managed to fall asleep during one of her own movies. It was just too weird.

Well- kind of, but he didn't really mind. Not when the apartment was this quiet. Yu was out, doing- god knows what (probably saving a kitten from a tree while reciting English perfectly) which left him and Chie to themselves.

Chie had done what she usually did, go grab popcorn from their cabinet, pick a movie and prod Yosuke into watching it with her.

Some part of him was frustrated- they had seen this movie so many times by now, why even watch it?

She insisted it was amazing and had to be rewatched to truly see that fact. The grin on her lips and eagerness to have him watch it with her was enough to convince him. It didn't help at how she brightened up, brown eyes warming, directing him to the couch with a gesture and going off to check on the popcorn. The way she pressed her hand against his arm, leaning into him occasionally before bouncing off to gleefully shout at the TV.

He gave a small smile, shifting a little to not jar her. Leaning forward slightly and pressing a kiss against her forehead.