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2012-06-18 04:48 pm

Fanfic 100 - Middles

Title: Once upon a tacky chapel in Las Vegas.
Summary: Sometimes, you just have to go by the moment.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warning: Clint being a smartass, mentions of battling giant worms and based on a mix up of movie verse and an AU a friend and I are rping in.

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2012-04-02 07:18 pm

Fanfic prompts

Since this was breaking my journal style, I had to bounce it downwards. In the vaguest hope that it'd actually fix shit again.





Outside of the doop, dees and more doops, this will be a slurry of fandoms. I'll try to list what is what when it goes up.

001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Insides. 005.Outsides.
006.Hours. 007.Days. 008.Weeks. 009.Months. 010.Years.
011.Red. 012.Orange. 013.Yellow. 014.Green. 015.Blue.
016.Purple. 017.Brown. 018.Black. 019.White. 020.Colourless.
021.Friends. 022.Enemies. 023.Lovers. 024.Family. 025.Strangers.
026.Teammates. 027.Parents. 028.Children. 029.Birth. 030.Death.
031.Sunrise. 032.Sunset. 033.Too Much. 034.Not Enough. 035.Sixth Sense.
036.Smell. 037.Sound. 038.Touch. 039.Taste. 040.Sight.
041.Shapes. 042.Triangle. 043.Square. 044.Circle. 045.Moon.
046.Star. 047.Heart. 048.Diamond. 049.Club. 050.Spade.
051.Water. 052.Fire. 053.Earth. 054.Air. 055.Spirit.
056.Breakfast. 057.Lunch. 058.Dinner. 059.Food. 060.Drink.
061.Winter. 062.Spring. 063.Summer. 064.Fall. 065.Passing.
066.Rain. 067.Snow. 068.Lightening. 069.Thunder. 070.Storm.
071.Broken. 072.Fixed. 073.Light. 074.Dark. 075.Shade.
076.Who? 077.What? 078.Where? 079.When? 080.Why?
081.How? 082.If. 083.And. 084.He. 085.She.
086.Choices. 087.Life. 088.School. 089.Work. 090.Home.
091.Birthday. 092.Christmas. 093.Thanksgiving. 094.Independence. 095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.
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2012-03-12 06:20 am

Fanfic post 10

Title: Motherfucking Manners
Fandom(s): Persona 4/Brutal Legend/Psychonauts
Rating: PG
Warning: Open relationships/threeway relationship, deaf character, signing, gender fluid character.
Summary: Kanji decides to show off his manners one date night. Things go awry.

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2012-03-12 06:13 am

Fanfic post 9

Title: Boot to thy head
Fandom(s): Brutal Legend/Psychonauts/Silent Hill
Rating: G
Warning: Friendship, cuteness, Eddie fussing over his adopted daughter.
Summary: Eddie loves you, really Heather, but- please stop hogging the couch.

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2012-03-12 06:10 am

Fanfic Post 8

Title: My 1,000's day is my best day.
Fandom(s): Psychonauts/Brutal Legend
Rating: G
Warning: Fluff, slash, cuteness.
Summary: Sasha tells Eddie about his best day.

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2012-03-12 06:05 am
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Fanfic Post 7

Title: Extreme sewing
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: G
Warning: Gender fluid character, sewing, cuteness.
Summary: Naoto finds hirself bemused by Kanji's attempts at threatening fabric into submission.

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2012-03-12 06:03 am
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Fanfic Post 6

Title: Rest
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: PG
Summary: Yosuke can't help but enjoy this quiet moment with Chie. Even if she'll kick his ass for it later.

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2012-03-12 05:58 am

Fanfic post 5

Title: Hiccup's musings and madness.
Fandom: How To Train Your Dragon
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Manry sewing, dragons and silliness.
Summary: Hiccup dwells on the changes to Berk over the years.

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2012-03-12 05:44 am

fanfic post 3

Title: We're Each Other's Beards.
Fandom: Persona 4
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied homophobia, repressed sexuality.
Summary: They merely did what their parents wanted them to do. Settle down, marry someone appropriate. Sadly, Yukiko and Yosuke would prefer to be with their best friends than one another.

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2012-03-12 05:35 am

Fanfic post 1

Title: Plane Ride
Fandom(s): Psychonauts/Brutal Legend
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Slash, crossover pairing, planes, cuteness.
Summary: Eddie and Sasha enjoy a plane ride to their honeymoon. Silliness ensues.

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